How It All Began

“On a trip overseas I was surprised to see how many places had already embraced Segways. I’m always interested in new modes of transport and couldn’t wait to get on one. In Europe I was able to experience the whole of the city on a Segway in just a few hours. I was surprised at how fun and easy it was. The others in my group were a mixture of people. There were young and fit people wanting to experience the city in a cool way. There were older people who didn’t have the ability to walk from one end of the city to the next. I realised this would be a perfect way for people who are wanting to travel the complete base of Uluru.”    

Mark Swindells – Director, Uluru Segway Tours

The Creation of Uluru Segway Tours

This impression led to the creation of Uluru Segway Tours. Uluru Segway Tours provide people a unique and fun new way to see Uluru.

Uluru is a World Heritage listed area. Gliding around Uluru on a Segway is hard to beat. Admire the geology and size of this icon. See ancient Aboriginal rock art and learn about Anangu (local Aboriginal) people. Learn about their way of life and their culture, the Tjurkurpa.

I love it out here, it’s the wide open spaces. It’s the colours are amazing, the red, the orange, the sunrises and sunsets. It’s the contrast of the big red rock on an endless blue sky

Riding a Segway is exhilarating experience.  Feel the open air and the wind blowing on your face as you smoothly and effortlessly glide around the magical Uluru. Segways intuitively listen to your body’s every movement. This makes them so easy to ride and enjoy that you will want to keep coming back for more.

Experience one of Australia’s most incredible landscapes and ancient cultures in this fun new way. So come and experience Uluru differently.