Privacy Policy

Online Payment Security

Uluru Segway Tours uses the SecurePay Payment Gateway for our online credit card transactions. SecurePay is a platform that supports online payment transactions and transmits the details of the payment between our website when you make a booking, the banks and the credit card provider involved. Your payment will be processed in real time, once a booking is made and a transaction is processed you will receive confirmation that the purchase has been successful.

By using SecurePay, Uluru Segway Tours does not have direct access to your full credit card details or your personal details. These details are transmitted securely using the SecurePay platform. In addition, credit card numbers and personal details supplied are not stored on the SecurePay Payment Network and cannot be used for purposes other than the specific purpose it was intended for. This provides our customers with peace of mind.

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Uluru Segway Tours respects and seeks to preserve the privacy of individuals. During the process of booking a tour directly with or via a third party, Uluru Segway Tours may collect your personal information that includes but is not restricted to your name, date of birth, contact details and your place of origin. Where practical, Uluru Segway Tours will provide the reasons for collecting this information to you and the possible consequences of you not providing this information. Uluru Segway Tours will only use the personal information that has been provided to us for the purposes that it was intended to be used for. Uluru Segway Tours will not disclose your personal details for any other purposes without your prior permission, unless authorised by law.

If you would like any further details regarding your personal information and the SecurePay Payment Gateway please contact us.

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