Responsible Touring

Uluru Segway Tours strives to offer responsible touring. We work with the local community to maintain environment, care for culture and support local business.


If the average person traded in their car for a Segway they could save over a ton of CO2 emissions in one year. Why drive around Uluru when you can Segway around it?

Segway’s are a very energy efficient mode of transport. They only require power during recharge time. Uluru Segway Tours has its base in the township of Yulara; where solar power produces 15% of the town’s power. This means that our Segways have a very low carbon footprint.


We operate within the World Heritage listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (UKTNP), because of this have a close working relationship. Uluru Segway Tours is actively involved in assisting with trail maintenance and weed control.

Responsible Business

Responsible Touring – Guides

Uluru Segway Tours is committed to respecting local culture. Our guides love to share the Anangu, the local Aboriginal people’s, culture. All of our guides complete a specially tailored course through Charles Darwin University to before touring within the National Park. This enables our guides to share a high level of information with all of our tour guests.


Tourism brings approximately 15 000 jobs to the NT and we want to keep it that way.  We strive to provide employment pathways for people living in nearby Aboriginal communities.