Tour Uluru with Scott

If you’re thinking of doing a tour at Uluru  you simply must meet Scott, Segway guide extraordinaire!  Wish a passion for tourism and bringing the landscape alive for his customers, Scott will really make your trip to Uluru something to cherish in your hearts.

Tour Uluru with Scott

Scott is originally from Adelaide and moved to Uluru midway through 2017. Since then he has not looked back and is now one of our most senior guides. With a background in singing and performing in front of people on stage he has made the rock his new stage and his groups his audience.  If you are a lover of coffee then you should join him for a Sunrise and Segway. When at sunrise Scott loves to make a good coffee and the brew he makes will leave you feeling warm all over.

You can always tell that Scott is doing a tour when you:

a) Hear a chorus off laughter

b) See groups being enthralled by Scott’s theatrical explanations.

Why Tour Uluru with Scott?

We asked Scott what makes him the perfect guide for Uluru Segway Tours, here’s what he had to say:

“Travelling around the rock I really enjoy getting to know people and make genuine connections. Tour guides need to remember that your guests are here for a once in a lifetime experience. They are here to see the rock and you are here to present it. Knowing this when I first meet a group, even at 5am in the morning, I make sure to let them know they are welcome. I always strive to ensure that everyone has fun and know that I am excited to have them on my tour because I know how important that is.”

If this doesn’t get you excited for a Segway tour we don’t know what will! Visit Scott and the Uluru Segway Tours team and we’ll show you a great time around Uluru.  If you’re lucky you  might even get to do a tour with the wonderful Scott.

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